Partnership Brief

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The Initiative

The ecosystem supports early-stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship and financing in bringing their ideas to market. The Scalable CFO has come together with to help startups get the support in the following ways:

  1. 1.Value-added Finance services - Outsourced CFO services including compliance, reporting, fundraising, investor meetings and strategic planning activities such as valuation/modelling scenarios/fundraising/restructuring
  2. 2.Preferential rates
  3. 3.Workshops

How we help startups achieve Financial Success

We are offering the community access to The Scalable CFO platform to get ongoing support, performance reviews and advise from a Finance leader who will work with the startup step by step in achieving their goals.

We diagnose your startup, identify gaps, match to a dedicated Finance leader and build a custom engagement where one or multiple services are bundled together as a one-off, ongoing or combination engagement. In addition to that, we will provide ongoing support and quality oversight throughout the engagement.


  • Financial Health diagnostic with a health score VIEW REPORT SAMPLE HERE.
  • Customer Case Study with a Part-time CFO service success story DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE
  • Pricing table for some our standard packages DOWNLOAD BROCHURE HERE. Our services are primarily bespoke and priced as a monthly pre-agreed service fee, while standard packages are subject to eligibility.

How to connect with us

Sign up using the link below for an introductory session, a complementary health diagnostic and to learn more about our preferential rates.


About The Scalable CFO

Get the benefits of a CFO without the cost! The Scalable CFO helps small businesses get their bookkeeping and finances done properly in a simple and affordable way. Through our technology platform, we curate individuals or teams with the best skills and culture fit from our community of over 6,000 qualified and vetted finance professionals to work on retainer or one-off packages.

What does a Part-time CFO service look like?

Whether a startup needs a historical cleanup, to build a financial model, fix a pricing issue, or a complete setup of your finance operations, a typical Part-time CFO engagement team includes a CFO as a team lead and depending on your needs we bring in bookkeepers, accountants or analysts on the team ready to work with the startup and it's the existing team to transform the operations.

At a minimum the CFO service:

We are here to help!

If you have any questions contact us on or WhatsApp +971505463397 and we will call you back.