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The Scalable CFO was founded in 2016 by Linda Luu, Fadi Halwani and Oreabetse Matlhare. A team of Professionals aiming to provide the first dedicated source of flexible Finance Experts for Startups and SMEs in the UAE. We are a new breed of CFO providing meaningful collaboration, a service level that is essential to a market that cannot afford or does not meet the qualification threshold of large professional service firms.

We recognise that as a business owner in relentless pursuit of growth, there will come a time when you need a CFO to help you gain more confidence in your numbers and who can provide you with financial foresight to support your ambitions, however you may only need on a flexible basis rather than full-time.

How do you know what is the best  skill set you should be looking for and where do you go to find it? What is the right combination of services that you will need and when will you need it? Where can you find a CFO that you can be comfortable is the right fit for your company and that you can rely on to take care of the most sensitive area of your business? 

This is where The Scalable CFO comes in.

Guidance Your Story Deserves

More than just accountants

We are Forward looking

We take time to understand your story in order to step into your shoes and imagine the future success of your business so that we can offer a proactive service that is not just reporting on the past. We take your story and tell it in numbers.

We are Holistic

We take a full view commercial approach and can advise on the financial impact of all aspects of the company's operations. We advise on the "What if" and not just the "What is".

We are Personal, Flexible, Scalable

Our finance experts are not only qualified but they are also curated to offer you the best fit. We match you to experts who will engage with you from day one to determine an action plan and offer the most personal experience. You work with a team and not a single expert to ensure you are always covered, regardless of your size or stage of business.

Our Service Solutions

We offer full service ongoing scalable monthly packages and also one-off bespoke solutions that are designed to have a strategic and an operational focus.


Build investor confidence and manage financial risk early.


Maximise funding for growth and produce actionable reporting.


Realign & Unlock value and pursue operational excellence

Our Partners

“From the very first meeting it was clear that they would bring so much more than just financial management”

      Emma Ponsonby, CEO and Founder, Aquir.Me and Little.Voyage

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